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Conducter, composer and musicologist.

Encarnación (Paraguay) 24-09-1953 Their musical basic formation had with José Luis Miranda with who studied music, harmony and composition. In 1975 he obtained the Italian government's scholarship and he studied orchestral conducting in the Conservatory Santa Cecilia from Rome with Massimo Pradela, Piero Bellugi and Mario Migliardi (analysis). It Participated of courses in the Festival of Music of Ouro Preto, Brazil (1975), Teatro Colón from Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1975 with Hans Swarowsky; in 1977 in the Academia Chigiana of Siena (Italy) with Franco Ferrara; in 1977 in the Institute Francesco Canneti of Vicenza (Italy) with Luciano Berio, Giacomo Manzoni and Mauricio Kagel (composition); in 1980 he obtained a scholarship of the Municipality of Buenos Aires, carrying out an internship of one year in the Teatro Colón; in 1986 in Bayreuth Festival (Germany) he studied with Zwigniew Rudzinsky (composition).

Artistic activities

It presented their compositions in numerous concerts and international festivals as: Festival of Contemporary Music of Ouro Preto (Brazil), (1975 and 1978), Festival of Composers of Latin America in Santiago, Chile (1988 and 1989), in Belo Horizonte (Brazil), in 1989, in Buenos Aires in 1990. Its work Variaciones en Puntas for Winds Quintet was selected for the Concert of Closing of the International Festival of the Youth of Bayreuth (Germany), with reason of Franz's Centennial Liszt in 1986, Festival Music Nova (Sao Paulo). It directed concerts in Germany, France, Italy, United States, Spain, Swiss, Czech Republic and in countries of South America. As musical investigator he has works published on indigenous and popular music of the Paraguay and transcriptions of music of the Jesuit Reductions. From 1978 conducter the Symphonic Orchestra of the City of Asunción (OSCA), of which is her Principal Musical Director from 1990.

It was Managing Artistic of the International Festival of Music of Cascavel, Brasil, between 1990 and 1995, where it founded the Orchestra of Camera of Cascavel and the Youth Symphonic Orchestra. In 1986, with the auspices of the Center Cultural American Paraguayan, organized the Group Composers of Asunción gathering to the young generation of composers, and the Orchestra founded Philomusica of Asunción. From 1997 it is Managing Artistic of the Domenico Zipoli Ensemble of Venice (Italy) vocal and instrumental group specialized in the music of the Jesuit Reductions of South America.

He is founder of the Project Sonidos de la Tierra (Sounds of the Earth) a program of social and community integration through the music that is developed in more than 100 communities of the Paraguay. In the 2006 the World Orchestra was founded World Orchestra "Weltweite Klänge" in the German city of Nurenberg where every year you he gathers to musical talents of diverse parts of the world.

Distinctions and Recognitions

Excellent youth for the Camera Junior of Asunción (1975), Reward 12 in the Year, in four opportunities, for Radio Primero de Marzo, Honor to the Cultural Merit for the Rotary Club of Encarnación, in 1987 the French Alliance of Asunción founded the First Library of Music of the Paraguay that takes its name, in 1987, recognition of the Philharmonic Society of Asunción, in 1992, annual recognition of the Association Amigos del Arte, in 1993 better director for Radio Curupayty. Medal of Silver Recognition to the professional efficiency for the Municipality of Asunción (1995), in 1996 selected among the 8 more successful Paraguayans next to Augusto Roa Bastos, José Luis Chilavert and other, for the National Bank of Workers, in 1998 for the Magazine Billboard. In 1997 he obtained Music's National Prize granted for the first time in the Paraguay by the National Parliament. It shows the badge "Official Gentleman of the Italian Republic" granted by the Italian government in 1994 for their investigations and international projection of the life and work of Domenico Zipoli, musician of the Jesuit Reductions of the Paraguay.

In the year 2000 received in Rome the distinction "I Reward International to the Culture" for International Lions Club Prato Datini of Italy. In the year 2001 the Medal UNESCO "Orbis Guaraniticus"; in the year 2002 were the first Latin American composer and recruit in the world in receiving the "Medal Vivaldi" granted by the International Festival of Venice and the Medal "Franz Xaver" for the Jesuit Attorney's office of Germany in recognition to their rescue work and diffusion of the musical culture of the old Jesuit reductions of America of the South. Declared in the 2002 "Honorary Citizen of the City of Yuty, "honorary citizen" of the city of Caaguazu and Ybycui, "Beloved Son of the City of Incarnation" and "Illustrious Son of the City of Asunción". it is "honorary citizen" of the city of Limana (Veneto, Italy). It Shows the National Order of the Merit in the grade of Commander of the Republic of the Paraguay and the National Order of the Arts and the Letters of the Ministry of Culture of France. From the 2004 it is Academic of Number of the Paraguayan Academy of the History. In the 2005 it was rewarded with the International Prize of the Skoll Foundation of California (it USES) in their character of venturesome social and it was distinguished with the appointment of Member corresponding of the Real Spanish Academy of the History.

International activities

From 1989 it is managing of the area Paraguay, of the Music's Spanish and Spanish American Encyclopedic Dictionary organized by the General Society of Authors from Spain (SGAE) and the Ministry of Culture of Spain, Member Founder of the Music's Ibero-American Council. It dictated conferences on the music in the Paraguay, in universities and cultural centers of Buenos Aires, Santiago from Chile, Madrid, Curitiba, Sao Paulo, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Rimini, Padova University and Trieste, Italy, Sarrebourg in France and North American cities, Lawrence, Hutchinson and Wichita. Official guest of the Department of State of the USA in 1983, of the Music's German Council in 1986 and 1987, of the government from France in 1998 for the development of artistic activities and of cultural exchange.

International concerts

Along his musical career it directed more than 1.000 concerts, many of them with noted international orchestras as: Philharmonic of Valencia (Spain), it Symphonic Orchestra of Sao Paulo, Symphonic Orchestra of Chile, it Symphonic Orchestra of Santa Cecilia, Rome, Youth Philharmonic from Hamburg (Germany), Cappella Civica of Trieste (Italy), Orchestra and Choir of the Community of Madrid, Orchestra of Camara Mayo of Buenos Aires, National Orchestra of Camera of Montevideo, it Festival Orchestra of Ouro Preto (Brazil), Hutchinson Symphony, Lawrence Chambers Players and Shout East Symphony of United States.

Mozart's Requiem directed in 1997 in the Church of the Madeleine of Paris with soloists, choir and the Orchestra Sinfonietta of Paris, The Philharmonic Orchestra of the Sudettes (Poland) and the Academy Ars Canendi and Domenico Zipoli Esnemble of Venice in tours for Rome - like part of the celebrations of the Year of the Jubilee -, Prato, Ravenna, Trieste, Rimini, Treviso, Udine, Conegliano, Limana, Naples, Rome, Ravenna, Bibione, Agordo (Italy), Chandelier, Freiburg, Romont, Geneva, Zurich (Switzerland), Munich, Nürnberg, Dresden, Ausburg, Hamburg, Mannheim, Penzberg and Köln (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic).


His works were used for the first time and interpreted in: Teatro Colon of Buenos Aires (1975), Festival of Ouro Preto (1976), Festival of Contemporary Music of Vicenza, Italy (1978), Teatro General San Martin from Buenos Aires (1982 and 1985), Festivals of Music Anacrusa of Santiago from Chile (1985 and 1987), Museum of Modern Art of Sao Paulo, Mozarteum of Sao Paulo (1985 and 87), Concerts of the Cycle New Music of Montevideo (1987), it National Orchestra of Camera of Uruguay (1982) and Cycle of Concerts of the Center Cultural American Uruguayan (1984). Its work Variaciones en Puntas was selected in Germany in 1987 for the Closing of the International Festival for Franz's Liszt Centennial in Bayreuth, it works that he received Music's National Prize in 1997. Their Concertino for violin "Uche Nuni and the Tagua" he played for the first time in Paris by the Orchestra Sinfonietta of Paris under the direction of Miguel A. Gilardi and the violinist Vihn Pham and their work the Cruz del Sur in the XIII International Festival of Venice (2002) for the Orchestra Venetian Philarmonia under the direction of Mario Merigo and the soprano Mami Sakuda Fiorentini. In the 2003 the Symphonic Orchestra from Berlin included in her Concert Seasons her work: Concertino for Violin and Orchestra, interpreted by Götz Bernau (violin) in the Konzerthaus of Berlin conducted by Arvo Volmer and the Orchestra of Strings of the Philharmonic of Torino in 2007 her composition Chaidi. The last sounds.

Preludio Sinfónico (1973), Trozos para cuerdas (1975), Añesú para voz y or-questa (1976), Tríptico Barrettiano (1983), Mbocapú, fanfarria orquestada (1989), La Magdalena para Trombón y orquesta (1992), Las Musarañas para conjunto de vientos (1973), Sonata para Violín y piano (1975), Pequeña Suite para violín y cuerdas (1975), Sonata para piano (1978), El Río para voz y conjunto instrumental (1979), Encarnaciones suite para piano (1985), Variaciones en puntas para quinteto de vientos (1986), Mbokapu. Fanfarria orquestada, Miniaturas para oboe y piano (1990), Meditación por la caída del Muro de Berlin (1992),Rastros para flauta y piano (1997), Concertino para violín y Orquesta “Uche Nuni y el Tagua” (1998), La Cruz del Sur para soprano, violín y cuerdas (2001), Chaidi: los últimos sonidos (2007) y otras.


Libros publicados

En co autoría con José Luis Miranda textos sobre Educación Musical (Volúmenes 1, 2, y 3. Edición La Cultura 1973), En co autoría con José A. Perasso Anguá Parará (Edición Arte Nuevo 1979) y Estacioneros (Edición Arte Nuevo 1980). Música de las Reducciones Jesuíticas. Transcripción de obras de Doménico Zipoli (Edición Misions Prokur de Nüremberg, Alemania 1992). Mangoré. Vida y Obra de Agustín Barrios, en co autoría con Sila Godoy (Ed. Ñandutí Vive 1994). Diccionario de la Música en el Paraguay (Edición del autor 1997). Visperas de San Ignacio de Domenico Zipoli (Edición Pizzicato de Udine, Italia 1998). Misa a San Ignacio de D. Zipoli (Ed. Pizzicato de Udine, Italia 1999), Zipoli –Una Vita-Un Enigma por la Editoral Partner Ship de Florencia, Italia.2000).Tiene publicados escritos sobre diferentes temas musicales en diarios y revistas de Asunción.


Album Música Culta del Paraguay (Edición Punctus 1978), Luis Szarán. Su obra (4 volúmenes en Casete (Edición Centro Cultural Paraguayo Americano CCPA 1986), Música de las Reducciones Jesuíticas (4 volúmenes Ed. Misions Prokur de Nüremberg 1987-1990).

  • CD Paraguay Siglo XIX. Música y Danza (Orquesta Philomusica de Asunción 1996).
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